Aren’t all professional organizers the same?
Absolutely not!  There are different organizing specialists for different organizing needs.  Take a look at what FOCUS Organizers have to offer.

Matt Baier is the owner of Matt Baier Organizing, LLC, which specializes in large organizing projects. Matt’s team can usually organize an entire garage, basement, or attic in one 6 hour day. Other projects include home offices, entire households, and entire businesses. Despite their unparalleled speed, the Matt Baier Organizing team approach ensures safe decisions with their Regret-Free Process. Matt Baier Organizing also provides easy systems to help you STAY organized. Find out more at
Susan Lovallo is a Certified Professional Organizer and Certified Public Accountant. She focuses on working with individuals, families, businesses and corporations to organize their homes, offices, time and finances. Her specialties are paperwork, finance, creating systems and getting people out of overwhelm and chaos. Susan is a member of NAPO, NAPO-CT and the National Speakers Association. She started her business, Clutter Solution, LLC, in 2000 after a career as a corporate, municipal and public accountant.  For more information visit
Seana Turner founded The Seana Method to help people organize their time, space and belongings. Her specialties include clutter management, floor planning, and system design. She also works one-on-one with clients on time management and life coaching. A prolific writer, Seana posts articles, photos, and tips on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and on her blog, at

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